Homers Still Think All Non Homers Are Haters

No, tablets no rx you insufferable jackass Reading Rambler:

It wasn’t me; I actually love Penn State too much to be an unquestioning blind sheep about it. It’s you homers who secretly hate the institution.

As for the actual list of douchiest colleges, I found it pretty funny – and I liked many of the things they ¬†found douchey – and still look back on those things with fondness. I had a tailgate band whose sole purpose was to get us free beers after the game (note: this was not even allowed back then – if in uniform, which of course we were, – and I’m pretty sure Dr. Bundy would kill you today if he found out). I and some folks in the dorm watched Strange Brew so many times that we had a beer and donuts breakfast one morning that resulted in my Spanish teacher commending me on my excellent participation after the 10:10 class finished. (Note: Do not have beer and donuts for breakfast. It only takes one beer at this time of the morning, and the donuts will not do you good!)

Hooker Joe Paterno would have been hilarious, too.

But back to the general point the homer was trying to make: Mistaking constructive criticism for hate, that’s a paddlin’ noodlin’.

I had to reuse this as I just made it for a work thread and it was SO MUCH WORK to only use once!

This is exactly what I look like right now.

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