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Anybody miss the old 3Sickem?


I am on a TEN HOUR CONFERENCE CALL. By ten, this web prostate I mean 12, medical of course. Zing!

Since the homer brigade didn’t let me know, this is late. And they’ll ignore it, because they smell like feet. But still! Here! It! Is!

Unlike them, I will break my picks up by division. Because they’re stupid, and I’m not.


Stupid Midwesterners Division

  1. kNU (5-0 in division, 6-2 in conference, losses @Cheese and @Good)
  2. Lesser Evil’s Little Brudder (LELB) (4-1 in division, 6-2 in conference, losses @Cheese and @kNU)
  3. AchillesHeel (3-2 in division, 5-3 in conference, losses @Good – FINALLY, vs. LELB, @kNU)
  4. jNW (2-3 in division, 3-5 in conference, wins versus Boring, LesserEvil, WINFIGHTWIN)
  5. LesserEvil (1-4 in division, 3-5 in conference; wins versus WINFIGHTWIN, DIABEETUS, GreaterEvil)
  6. WINFIGHTWIN (0-5 in division, 0-8 in conference)


  1. Cheese (5-0 in division, 8-0 in conference)
  2. GreaterEvil (4-1 in division, 4-4 in conference, losses to LesserEvil, LELB, kNU, and @Cheese)
  3. Good (3-2 in division, 6-2 in conference, losses @GreaterEvil and vs. Cheese)
  4. Fightin’ Zookers (2-3 in division, 5-3 in conference, losses to GreaterEvil, @Good, and vs. Cheese)
  5. Boring, or, At Least We’re Not Purdue (1-4 in division, 1-7 in conference; wins vs. Purdue)
  6. DIABEETUS, or, At Least We’re Not Minnesota (0-5 in division, 1-7 in conference, win vs. WINFIGHTWIN)

This is where I’ll dump my stupid thoughts on sports, illness mostly Penn State, no rx mostly football.

Why here?

I have a lot of stupid thoughts about sports, look mostly Penn State, mostly football. They range from short crap to medium crap. Not exactly ideal for a blog. More ideal for commenting at other peoples’ blogs who actually spend a lot of time producing content. BUT BUT BUT!

The previous pantload at this blog you might have heard of banned me for being insufficiently homer (well, actually, for fighting back against the homers – preventing me from using the same tactics and language the homers were allowed to use against me). More on that someday in the future. Trust me, you won’t care, but I’ll tell you anyways! The new pantloads in charge may or may not feel differently, but the homer kool-aid drone culture that’s sprung up there over the years makes it unlikely anything will change.

Twitter is too short, Facebook is too non-sporty, and the google plus box is unproven in this regard.

My bona-fides: I’m some jackass who was posting voluminously about college football on USENET before most of you even knew what the internet was. I had my own web server inside IBM in nineteen-dickety-ninety-three. I was ‘fishing’ before trolling was invented, and know that it’s an art, NOT just whatever you call it whenever somebody posts something that hurts your feelings or doesn’t match the opinions of everybody else in the group hug. “M1EK” was one of the first regular homages to B1FF. If you don’t know who B1FF was, look on the wikipordia, son.

Penn State bona-fides? Because, after all, as the BSD homers will tell you, anybody who is critical of the program must not be very legit. Well, I was borned in Bellefonte, my grandma still lives around the corner from Joe Paterno (and used to go to church with them’ns), I won an award as a kid for the most extended family in the Alumni Association – something like 30 on both sides, moved to Florida at 9 but went back to PSU for college,¬†was an arrogant jackass lead trumpet in the Blue Band for those four years – 1989-1992, had a tailgate band which is still one of the fondest memories of my time there, and am some jackass. That is, in fact, me in the masthead with Joe.

Now I’m some jackass living in Austin, Texas (within earshot of the Big Cow Stadium), who watches FOO BAW! on the televisificator every weekend and has enough stupid opinions to fill comment sections but not enough to really fill blog posts all that often. So, again, they’ll be short when they happen.

Expect content here once in a blue moon. I can’t even get up the bile to post about transportation more than once a month now. Maybe this will be better. Maybe you should go suck an egg.

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